Saturday, 8 June 2013

If you rain on my parade I might just spike your beverage.... With poison! (Angry piece)

Alright so yes, everyone goes through a period of their lives where things aren't exactly smooth and hunky dory and don't seem to be looking up. People handle these times differently and while there is an unspoken consensus to accept the "pragmatic" " realistic approach in dealing with these times, you find less tolerance to other mechanisms, such as pessimism or optimism.

First things first, *I* think pragmatism, pessimism and optimism never solve anything! They are coping mechanisms! That is all that they are! It always baffles me that pragmatism is perfectly ok and is deemed the only rational way to handle a tough patch!

A few questions come to mind though, for instance, who decided that optimists are living in fantasy? Why is it that hardly anyone sees that being pragmatic or realistic is a rationalized decision, not a rational one? There's a difference you know!! And the big mother of all questions, why is there this (often unspoken) affinity between the pragmatist and pessimist while the optimist is dismissed as a delusional dreamer and is hardly taken seriously?

You know exactly what I am talking about! When you hear the word optimist, an image of an extremely hyper, chipper , very cheerful person comes to mind, a person you can hardly take seriously with their signature grin tattooed across their face at all times, a toddler high on pixie sticks! On the other hand with the words pessimist or pragmatist, you picture a more centered, *mature* person, someone who is usually quiet and *looks* profound, and the only difference between a pragmatist and a pessimist is that one looks more depressed.

While the tolerance towards the optimist and the pessimist is relatively low in comparison to the pragmatist, I must say there is almost zero tolerance for the “deeply troubled” human being who dares exhibits a combination of all three through a given period of time….. And this brings us to the beginning of my rant (yes I am just starting)!

Dear People who rain on my parade,

I am really astonished at your reactions/reservations/comments on the way I lead my life, in all fairness, reactions and reservations do not at all bother me, but boy do I find it unsettling that people actually dare comment on something that’s absolutely NEVER going to affect their life, and they do it raising a huge banner that says “We care about your well-being”.

Ok I know some of you do (there are those with ulterior motives, I KNOW who you are and YOU know who you are), I really do, and I appreciate it, but do you honestly think you’re helping me by saying stuff like: “You need to bring your head down from the clouds”, “You won’t survive in this world with this attitude”, oh and my favorite one “You don’t know what you want, you’re too unfocused” …….. How exactly is that supposed to help me?

Then come the suggestions and the justifications, and the subtle (not always so subtle) pressure to apt for something just because it worked for someone else and NO! Being older and maybe wiser with more experience than me does not qualify you to say (with such conviction!) how I should handle my life.

I appreciate advice, I ask for it, and sometimes, I even use it…. I also appreciate criticism (I really do when it’s not done condescendingly), but you need to know…

I am not an idiot! I know how the world works, but I don’t conform, I won’t! And for now I can afford it, if you truly believe I will conform one day, then why are you pushing me? If it’s inevitable, I will arrive at it so just let it take its course!

It neither an immediate nor an ultimate goal to make money, yes I’d love to have extra money to cater to all my “dreams”, but if I have enough to sustain me, I am content. And that does not make me an idiot you bigoted capitalists!

I want to do so many things that have nothing to do with each other, and I believe as long as I have the time ( hopefully another 50 years or so) I can do it all!

So please, don’t come at me with your Confucius-ness and wisdom and tell me to see the world for what it is, I see the world for it is, but I don’t want to become it!

Stop raining on my parade! I studied Chemistry and I am not afraid to apply my knowledge =)

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