Saturday, 26 May 2012

To End Feminism

So I had a dream last night.

An elaborate vivid -3D glasses virtual reality - sort of dream, too elaborate to ignore. The dream though elaborate, was random (according to Adam they’re all random, or at least they’re supposed to be). In the dream a little girl, who would be typically described as a tomboy because even kids aren’t protected from superficial labels based on silly assumptions and skewed perceptions of gender and gender roles. To have a gender based allocation of roles is an absurd generalization operating under the assumptions that people who have gender in common are to typically be prepared to have similar roles, I am not arguing the biological functions of each gender, but going beyond that is counterproductive.
Anyways, so the little girl grows up fast (since it’s a dream and all), she grows up to be an angry "activist" fighting for  a man free world where female vigilantes are celebrated for slaying a man , any man! What was particularly alarming was the fact that she was fighting under the slogan “To end Feminism”.
Adam and I have had endless discussions about feminism, and we agreed that feminism as a movement was born due to a need for change stemming from circumstances of inequality and sexism, now not to bore you with information readily available on Wikipedia!

So Feminism has pretty much reached a success “Plateau”

In the recent years female feminists have adopted a militant approach to the cause, fueling the movement with personal vendetta and confining the fight for gender equality and women rights in the narrow borders of the ancient “Battle of the Sexes”,   “Men vs. Women”, “Us vs. Them” completely losing track of what Rebecca West and her likes fought for.  The fruits of the early stages of feminism are evident today in many parts of the world where it was severely needed (some parts had the balance but lost it to globalization, but that’s a completely different rant). For some reason however, Feminism’s achievements seem to have reached a plateau of steady nothingness!

OH EM GEE! You broke Feminism!

Why has feminism stopped working? Has it fulfilled its purpose? Why isn’t it eradicated?  Feminism was born to serve a purpose and it shall live until that purpose is served, but where did feminist go wrong, why is feminism still needed in this day and age, where social and global societies have never been more “advanced”? . Though women are “granted” an overview of equality more than before, sexism has never prevailed as much before, in social media!  Feminists have been stereotyped into hairy man hating, castrating, emasculating, “unfeminine” beasts who want women to rule the world, because that’s the image the “loud” ones are selling, and consequently feminism has become a laughing stock!

Everyone Should be a Feminist! Label or not…

In order to restore the reverence of feminism everyone is to become a feminist! Oh no! Here comes another male hating hyena trying to recruit people to jump on her hate bandwagon! Here comes another one trying to confine people within labels and ideologies!
Feminism can only reach the promise land and ultimately be completely eradicated when every last human being (man and woman) becomes a feminist whether they choose to don the label .Unite to fight the battle , not the “us Vs. them” battle, No! The “Us(men and women) Vs. Sexism” battle under the slogan : “ To End Feminism”. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

A preamble if I may: Life , The Universe and Everything

Life , The Universe and Everything :

The idea of a blog scares me, perhaps because my first attempt at one went south briefly after I started, or perhaps because I don't know what I would write about or whether it would be worth reading, whether I should follow a pattern or a scheme or just let it flow in whatever fashion it pleases .
Not too serious , but not too sarcastic , not too brief but not too lengthily , not too cynical but not too perky , not too ..... Wait a minute! I'm obsessing , again!
Adam suggested that the best way to go about it is to just go ,and if it happens that it comes out as neurotic as I am, oh well then the real purpose has been achieved , whatever that purpose is! So, thank you Adam! 

This blog will be a series of rants on what Adam and I think of life , the universe and everything , sometimes , it can be as simple as 42 ( geek reference #1) and sometimes it can be slightly more complicated . So buckle up!